What are Survival Seeds?


emergency seed bank new canSurvival seeds are a term used to describe Open-Pollinated or Non-Hybrid seeds. The main characteristic of Non-Hybrid seeds varieties is that they allow you to collect the seeds from your crops and use it for future planting, unlike Hybrid seeds which produce sterile seeds that cannot be used for future planting.


Survival seeds should be used if you are planting a survival garden for emergency food preparedness or self-reliance garden. Using survival seeds to plant a vegetable garden, you will be able to raise a good portion of your own food for you and your family. Best thing is that you buy survival seeds once, plant them, and then collect the seeds from the plants and therefore save money, because you don’t need to buy seeds the following year!



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Facts regarding Non-Hybrid Survival Seeds:
- You buy survival seeds only once
- You can (and should) collect and save your own seeds from the crops you grow using survival seeds
- Saving survival seed is a simple technique anyone can learn
- Non-hybrid seeds have better tasting varieties of vegetables that hybrid seeds.
- Buy using survival seeds you will cut down your garden cost from ¼ to ½ of the costs.
- Survival seeds from a survival seed bank can provide generations of vegetables
- Plants grown from non-hybrid seeds tend to adapt to local condition over time and become hardy and resistant.


Non-Hybrid survival seeds are more than just ordinary garden seeds. Survival seeds guarantee a protection and safety against economic break downs, or some future food crisis. But equally important, non-hybrid survival seeds make better food alternative than hybrid produce from the shops!


Today, a vast amount of our food supply is hybrid or non-organic. By growing your own vegetables from open pollinated and non-hybrid seeds you make sure that you know what you and your family are eating every day.


Using non-hybrid Survival seeds is insurance and preparation for the future and at the same time a sound decision that we care about what we eat today!

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