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Emergency & Survival Seed Banks Comparison Report


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Survival Seed Bank – A Key to Long Term Survival?


Over the last year or two, because of economic and natural crisis, survival seed bank has become a very popular item. Survival seed banks are items which hold vegetable seeds in them, so that it can be saved. In most cases, survival seed banks hold enough vegetable seeds to grow up to an acre of food. In times of need, when it comes to food supply, survival seed bank is an ultimate backup plan for every survivalist!


In time of disaster relying on growing your own food may become your only choice, especially for long term disaster. After all, no matter how much canned or dried food you have stored, the supply will ran out eventually. Survival seed bank will emerge as appropriate tool, if you plant your survival garden in time.


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For the first period during any crisis, you need to have some food stored that you can actually eat right away. Two or three weeks of supply on which you can rely would be appropriate.


But for fresh vegetables and greens you will need to plant the seeds from survival seed bank. Not only that you can eat the vegetables, but even the sprouts (which take only a few days to grow!) from vegetables like broccoli, wheat and alfalfa can be eaten. They taste great and are very nutritional! And they will grow in a matter of days, in a jar with just water!

Survival seed bank is a great option because it can be stored for a few years. The seeds, once you plant them in your garden, will subsidize your diet with fresh, nutritional vegetables in the time of need.


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