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Emergency & Survival Seed Banks Comparison Report


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Survival Seed

What is a Survival Seed Bank?


Survival Seed Bank is one of the latest trends in survival gear preparedness, and maintaining a survival seed bank could become a part of every person crises readiness plan. Many people are including a survival seed bank in their home’s emergency items, much like storing batteries, water, food and other survival gear.


More and more manufacturers are starting to advertise these survival seeds banks as a “must have” disaster and emergency survival items which should find their place in your home emergency gear.


Survival Seed Bank is a kit that has anywhere from 15-30 different vegetable varieties of open pollinated or non-hybrid seeds, usually packed into some form of resistant and well sealed containers (made of plastic or other long lasting and durable material). Survival seed bank contains hundred or even thousands of seeds of different heirloom varieties.


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Survival Seed Bank Scam - Is it?


Seeds for survival need to be open pollinated and non-hybrid, which insures not only hardiness and nutritional value, but allow the harvesting of seeds for the next year crop. Generally, hybrid seeds cannot be harvested and planted the following year, so those seeds are not included in any of the survival seed bank kits.


Seeds in survival seed bank are carefully picked for nutritional density, storage life and of course, germination rate.


In many cases, included with the survival garden seeds are instructions on growing vegetables and helpful information on different gardening topics like harvesting and storing seeds for the following years. Obviously, a very important step, because failing to harvest and store seeds properly could mean not having enough seeds to plant the following year.


The only way to long term survival in case of some economic crisis or climate disasters is being able to grown your own food. After the food storage runs out and there is no other way to replenish it, growing a Survival Garden using seeds from survival bank seems the best option.


It’s not too late to learn how to plant your Survival Garden and grow vegetables!


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