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"Emergency & Survival Seed Banks Comparison Report"

Emergency & Survival Seed Banks Comparison Report


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Survival Seed

Why Buy Survival Garden Seeds Now?


Survival garden seeds are an absolute must-have product, for any long term survival scenario.


As every survivalist knows, it is important to plan your long term food supply now, or it could happen that you will be facing the end of your food supplies with nothing to replace them.


Storing dried and canned food is an excellent prevention plan for few days or weeks in case of any nuatural or economic disaster, but it's not a long term solution.


By purchasing a good supply of survival garden seeds you will have everything that you need to feed yourself and your family.


All best survival garden seeds are open pollinated and non hybrid heirloom seeds, because these seeds produce vegetables with seed that can and will reproduce the next growing season. With hybrid seeds, this is not possible.


You can buy your seed packets individually, but you must then decide about the best way to store these seeds that they remain viable for years to come and not touched by rodents or pests.


Wrong storage method could kill your seeds, because most seeds can only be stored for a few years using conventional storing methods.


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